The Automotive Giant; Toyota

Toyota is a familiar name, whether you are a car enthusiast or not. The Japanese automotive manufacturer is a global name and one of the leaders in the industry. Headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan, the Toyota Motor Corporation has its branches across the world and has extended its impact across all sectors of the industry.

Offering premium qualities for varying values, the Toyota lineup caters for every taste and budget of its loyal fans across the world. From sedans to coupes, vans, trucks, crossovers to hybrids, Toyota has over 70 models in its cars in the market.

Toyota Models

Toyota car models cut across sedans, coupes, crossovers, vans, trucks, and hybrids.

Venture Into Electric Vehicles

Toyota has not maintained its global top position for over eight decades by resting on its oars. The company has been involved actively in the global push towards a sustainable environment and automotive industry, a venture that has led to its production of hybrid electric vehicles. Leading in this pursuit is the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Prius family is the world's best-selling hybrid nameplate, having sold over 6 million units worldwide as of January 2017. Apart from Prius, Toyota's venture into the EV market includes the Toyota RAV4 EV and the Toyota Scion iQ EV; both of which were produced in minimal quantities.

Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Endeavours

The drive towards a sustainable environment aided by the automotive industry does not end with electric vehicles. Toyota also leads in the production of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Starting from 1997, Toyota engaged in a series of prototypes/concept testing of fuel-cell vehicles under the umbrella of Toyota FCHV. This project went on for almost a decade with increasing success until Toyota Mirai was launched in 2014. The Toyota Mirai is the company’s first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to be sold.

Other Things To Know About Toyota

In its 84 years of existence, the Toyota Motor Corporation has diversified from the automotive industry to several other sectors. Here are some of the things to know about TMC activities:


Toyota’s partnerships cut across several industries, from the automotive industry to health, sports, and others. Some of Toyota’s notable partnerships in the automotive industry include the recent partnership with Isuzu and Hino to form CASE.


Toyota has a deep interest in sports, a fact that has made the giant automaker venture into the sector in various capacities. Part of Toyota’s ventures in sport is its sponsorship of the Olympic Games, sponsorship of several athletes across diverse sports, and its involvement in motorsport.


The Toyota Group is committed to philanthropy, a fact backed by many of its commitments to different philanthropic causes in areas such as education, sustainable development goals, disaster relief and so on.

The Environment

Toyota has always expressed its commitment to the sustainable use of the environment through its various initiatives geared towards encouraging a greener planet. This is the reason the company has been tailoring its operation towards a lower emission by building hybrid options for most of its cars.


Toyota has been experimenting with artificial and virtual intelligence for a while. From its trumpet-playing robot to the Brain-Machine Interface and now the T-HR3. Its latest endeavour is the creation of a smart city name “Woven City”, which is still under development.

Toyota has activities in other areas, such as agricultural biotechnology and education.