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Two men, lost in the Australian desert, or are they? Hurtle, a tough Aussie bloke and ex-con, and Tahir, a soft-spoken, Afghani-Australian, are near death as they stumble across Jen, a headstrong American soldier stationed alone on a remote military base. In good faith, and against regulations, Jen offers to help Tahir and Hurtle. But when Tahir drops a GPS Unit from his pocket, it becomes clear that they’re not lost, they’re exactly where they planned to be.


Hurtle Hamilton – The Tumbler

A prison weary Aussie bloke - hardened by his wayward life, he knows he only has one last chance to redeem himself.

Tahir – The Planner

A young, articulate, Afghani-Australian man, whose initial demeanor masks an iron core.

Jen O’Leary – The Soldier

A thirty-something US soldier. She comes from a military family, is savvy and confident, and has been toughened by her years in combat.

Nikki Creekwater – The Postie

A funky indigenous chick with attitude – a postal worker with a sassy outlook on life.


by Chris Thompson (Writer)

Marc Gracie, the director, called me with an idea that related back to a story we'd worked on more than ten years ago. Essentially, it's a chamber piece, only four key characters, that looks at a very big issue by focusing on a seemingly small situation. It's a very simple idea, and although the film's story does get complicated, to me, the themes are pretty simple. Hurtle kind of sums it up late in the film when he says, "What do we do when they betray us like that?" The idea that we all get betrayed by each other, by our governments,and by those we put our trust in, is what drives this film. We were interested in trying to find ambiguity, or grey areas, in unacceptable responses to betrayal to present the audience with a kind of dilemma that says, “I agree that you should do something about what's happened, but I don't agree with the something that you've chosen”. We believe we've made a film that looks like a suspense drama, that may attract a wider audience than a political art film, while at the same time concealing some important, social, and political ideas that will propel people to start asking themselves some questions.



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